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21 November 2008

The Winner Of Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model

Ohhhhh noooo... this show sucked... here we go some preview about the finale

Nigel feels that Samantha was distracted by herself and Addy thought she seemed insecure. Miss Jay thinks her print ad looks fake and not natural enough at all. Analeigh's individual take is literally painful to watch and the judges don't seem to impressed with her photo either. Tyra praises McKey (even though that commercial wasn't that great) btu the judges appear to like her. Well, McKey is definitely moving on to the final round.

And the model eliminated from the competition is: Analeigh. NOOOO!!!!!!!
Analeigh Is My Fav In This Cycle But... uhhhh

McKey and Samantha are filming their covers for Seventeen and both do look great. Dude, the runway for the Addy van den Krommenacker show is so insane. There are hills and stairs and it's REALLY long. Whitney is also walking in the show. It looks really cool. I don't know if it's just me, but I don't think McKey or Sam have very strong walks. It could just be this crazy runway though.

I apparently know nothing about fashion. At panel, Miss Jay tells McKey that she loves her walk. The judges are also complimentary of Sam in the show too. Either they're telling the truth or they're trying to create a situation where the viewer has no idea who is going to win. The photos from the entire season are compared side by side. The girls seem to be dead even but I still think McKey is going to win.

A decision has been reached. The winner of cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model is: McKey

I Like McKey But I Liked Analeigh Better...

Source: Buddy TV

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